Kevin Walker

Owner & Founder of CultureLab
Strategist | Trendspotter | Social Business Architect

Innovation Consulting

We help companies stay ahead of the curve and plugged into the relentlessly fast changing marketplace. Exponential technological change has placed a premium on innovation.

Cultural Strategy

Our philosophy is that the best strategies are formed from harnessing the best cultural insight, and having a real time understanding of consumer sentiment

Trends Intelligence

We understand the role of Big Data and how to utilize cutting edge tools to provide real-time consumer insight and real-time trends intelligence.

Lecturing and Speaking

Kevin Walker is an in demand lecturer and speaker on the topics of trends in pop culture, cultural intelligence, tech trends and the new economy.


CultureLab is a resource for those in the C-suite who need to keep up with exponential change.



  • Netflix stock is plummeting after it missed subscriber targets by almost 1M
    The stock is in a free-fall after missing key metrics. Netflix stock is currently in a free-fall in after-hours trading. The stock is currently down by over 13%, after it significantly missed subscriber targets. The company expected to hit 5.11 million subscribers globally and 1.23 million subscribers domestically, but it actually hit 4.5 million and 700,000 […]
  • Video goes viral of HRC talking about Russian meddling 8 days before election
    She knew. On the day of President Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin—and his baffling comments  in which Trump expressed skepticism that Russia interfered with the 2016 election—this strikingly prophetic video of Hillary Clinton from eight days before the 2016 election is making the rounds on Twitter. It’s worth a watch (or three). Here is the start […]
  • Lawsuit: Blame Monsanto for widespread Kansas crop losses
    Monsanto claims its dicamba-based herbicides help growers fight weeds. A new lawsuit alleges that Monsanto knew that a potent herbicide would harm crops that weren’t resistant, but sold a product based on it anyway. As a result, potentially thousands of acres of crops that weren’t resistant to the herbicide died, the lawsuit says. The legal complaint was fil […]